On Religion & Culture as Deity

​Someone (I can’t remember who) once said religion is the deification of culture
Supposing he was right, what does this mean for the Nigerian Christian, Muslim, or Judaism adherent? 
Is the god element universal, or is it the varied discernment of a universal energy? If it’s the latter, why do we deem Christianity and Islam and Judaism superior to ancestral worship? In these “major” religions, whose culture is being deified? How and why do they trump ours? What has this meant for us, especially as it has to do with our stories and the way they are told? What does this mean for us, with particular regard to power and our sense of place (as Nigerians/Africans) in the world?

What will this mean for us who have been taught to denounce the gods and ancestors to whom we have a direct claim,  in whose faces we can see ourselves?
Are our ancestors any less powerful or functional than the saints? Do our gods make any less sense than A WHITE MAN (I was raised a Christian) who lives in heaven (up in the sky, very much like Zeus)or are they just as “uncivilised” as the idea of eating with one’s hands instead of with a fork and knife? 
One of the definitions of civilisation is: “the society, CULTURE, and way of life of a particular area.”
Whose culture are you deifying? And more importantly, what does it say about you and your place in the world?

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