Chiedozié Dike’s “Sunset In Abuja” Photo Collection

I love the dusk, watching the sun set; that’s when the earth puts up its best performance, its tour de force. All of the world’s beauty is condensed for one last pageant before night falls and veils everything.
Sunset is pomp. Sunset is delight. And these are some of the things I see when I watch.



Colours and expression. Rainbows and freedom.
Life is art. Life is fine.


There’s majesty in isolation; clarity in loneness.


I’ll walk down this boulevard of broken dreams; looking skyward, where there’s nothing to see but dreams.


Colours in the night sky that I can’t even name. Colours of a dying sun that’s not even tame.


I’d like to gather the clouds in my arms. Hold them out like cotton-candy. Feel them melt in my mouth like ice-cream.  Strawberry ice-cream.


Beyond every razor-wire fence is a vastness of endless possibilities, where the mind can take on eagle’s wings.
Dedication: To all living with disabilities, minds that transcend shackled and locked-up bodies.


An ode to the faceless. These scurrying silhouettes.
We each exist for something, if only for the perfect timing of a captured frame.


Ha! All the beauty and colours you’ll find when you take the time to look! Just like that, a traffic jam can become a festival of lights!


See that right there? In all that shade is a glimmer of light, a glimmer of hope; surrounded by darknening clouds, but not overwhelmed.
Be inspired.

All Rights Reserved,

© Chiedozié Dike, 18-10-15.


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  1. Great photography… The fables.. Beautiful.

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  2. Hold on first, make this network get head. If I don’t see sunset in kapuwa here eh, just cheregodu

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  3. Nice write up , Na your type go sabi toast woman . Lovely pix!

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  4. Beautiful Pictures!! Where is this??

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