Flash Fiction #1

I didn’t know him from Adam. That’s how it’s said, right? I didn’t know him from Adam. Eve was never in the equation, there was no temptation to overcome. The punishment couldn’t be particularly related to any sin.
We only boarded the same bus.I didn’t have change. He didn’t have change. And by the time we got to the bus-stop, the bus-conductor still didn’t have change.
Two hundred naira note. The conductor handed it to him. We had to split it. His one-hundred and fifty naira, and my fifty.
He was going on to Ikeja. Me, I was going to Abule-Egba. We could board the same bus and sort it out with another conductor. We had only to cross the expressway to the other side.
The car came out of nowhere.
When I woke up, they said I was lucky. That co-passenger and my legs were dead.
In the first week,  I had a lot of visitors. They said how lucky I was and, when the silence became oppressive, they walked away.
I could only crane my neck to watch them leave.


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