the dark notes

Do you ever get the overwhelming urge to do something stupid or utterly unnecessary, like say wash your hands with antibacterial gel for the tenth time in a row or scratch and pinch at your skin where there is no itch; the urge so strong you’re certain you might lose your mind if you don’t indulge, if you don’t give in?

Well, I feel like that all the time, and sometimes it’s the little things: spending hours furling and unfurling my serviette till it’s a perfect triangle while my food goes cold, cleaning pencil smudges in my sketchpad until I would have ripped up entire sheets with the incessant scrubbing of eraser against paper, having thirty pairs of boxer-shorts so I can change them at least four times during the day; the little things my family views with slight irritation, and for which people make fun of me at school…

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