Just What Harry Potter Needed… A Big Dose Of Jesus

First off, let me state that I am a Christian, a creationist, not an evolutionist; but yet I am appalled by Grace Ann’s fan remake of the popular Harry Potter book series. Frankly, I feel sorry for her children who have to deal with a mother that’s clearly unwell, and I think the woman needs a psychological evaluation. All parents do, and would get them before popping out babies, if I ruled the world. But I don’t.
So here’s the thing: Grace Ann, a self-acclaimed conservative Christian, was faced with a terrible dilemma when her children expressed interest in the Harry Potter series. The big problem: Grace Ann doesn’t want her children to grow up and want to become witches! And so she did the most sensible thing: she started to rewrite the Harry Potter story for her children’s reading pleasure, and proud of herself, clearly, she decided to share her edited version of the story on fanfiction.
In her version, Hagrid is clearly a Jehovah’s Witness, and Harry Potter gets admitted to Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles; Hermoine is a devout Christian who is ‘so different from the girls in public school who were focused on trying to be like the career women they saw on Sex And The City’, and Voldemort is a man trying to prevent them from practising their faith via Congress. No kidding!
For me, there are very clear lines between being devout and psychotic, art and the onset of dementia, but I’ll leave y’all to be the judges.
Read at your own peril HERE



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  1. Oh i am clicking, i am so clicking. My peril has always been called to question anyway.


  2. I started reading. I actually started reading chapter 1. Then I got to ‘…but she was powerless against Harry’s pure, innocent, holy energy’. And I just couldn’t deal. No way am I letting this taint my memories of JK Rowlings’ perfect creation.


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