Forever & A Day VII: The Businessman

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Author’s Note:

    Well the first thing to know about Sam if you ask me, is that he’s an A-class sonofabitch… But isn’t that why we love him? Lol.
    I hope y’all enjoy this new episode. Keep the comments coming. And please do share with your friends, contacts and followers on social media.
    Its entirely up to y’all if this revolution is gonna be televised *wink*

    D.K Stan
    12:51:45 PM Sat 16 Mar 2013

Chanice was on a scholarship. She was an orphan. And a Finance major.
She had vision, and was very intelligent and calculated, Samantha informed me sounding like a starstruck groupie. And she (Chanice) was going to make it big in the corporate world someday. Samantha seemed pretty sure of this.
And I was pretty sure Chanice had picked the means to that end. Only she had picked wrongly…
‘You really are going to go through with…

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