Forever & A Day VI: Invitation To Leave

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    And it gets deeper and deeper…
    Enjoy! And share. Y’all don’t be selfish now, ok.
    See y’all next episode! *wink*

    D.K Stan
    12:46:35 PM Thu 14 Mar 2013

‘Dad you promised you wouldn’t freak out…’
‘Did I? I wonder what I was thinking… Oh! That you were being straight with me. Oops, my bad.’ I chuckled.
‘Well I didn’t lie to you.’ She ignored the innuendo.
‘And by God I wish you had!’ I bellowed and made for the door.
‘Dad please wait!’
I stopped, fingers gripping the door knob.
‘Please dad… Can we talk about this… You promised dad’ she said in a wounded voice that sounded a lot like her mother’s when she was holding back tears.
‘I’d be your little girl no matter what, right?’ She continued. ‘And you’d protect me–‘
‘Fine!’ I sighed and released my death grip on the doorknob and turned around…

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