DCB Spotlight: X-Ray Clothings, The New Trendsetter in Hat-Making

Banky W sampling an Xray hat

Banky W sampling an Xray hat

Xray hat

Xray hat

Nigerians are without a doubt, some of the most fashionable people in the world (get in line Parisians!) And so its no wonder that Nigerian designers keep garnering attention and acclaim all over the world for their sheer genius and daring (you can’t give what you don’t have ain’t ;))
Ask anyone in the know, and they’d tell you Africa is where the action is at when it comes to fashion these days, and Nigeria is right at the hub of all that activity.
DCB is shining the spotlight today on Nigerian designer Arazu Okaro, the brain behind X-Ray Clothings, an up and coming fashion label whose super-cool hats are fast becoming the rave for entertainment industry big-leaguers.
The Xray clothing store is situate on the 2nd floor at no. 29 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. And their famous hats go for four thousand naira only.
For bulk buys and info, Call: +2348131519454
And y’all can follow: @Arazu_on twitter for updates and promos.
Photos of models rocking Xray wears after the cut:


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  1. x-ray clothings is the new “it” in Nigerian fashion industry.it’s a combination of modern fashion and fabric interwoven with African fabric and fashion…I like it…so does all other fashion-conscious individuals..;-)
    2 fingers in the air…:-)


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