For The Love of Halle: Gabriel Aubry Obtains Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez

Well y’all heard about the brawl between Halle Berry’s baby daddy, model Gabriel Aubry, and her fiancé Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving Day, and it wasn’t about Thanksgiving turkey. The aftermath though… Jeez!
And to think it was Gabby who swung the first punch… Guess he didn’t gauge his opponent well enough, but this pictures tell a story, and it simply reads: KO!
If I were ever beaten up that bad, you can be sure I’d get a restraining order two-countries-wide.

Photo credits: TMZ


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  1. OMG!!! This is crazy!!! Can’t they just be civilized and mature?? I guess… NOT! Shame on them both, not thinking aboat the most important person in the ecuation… the baby 😦


  2. I heard otherwise oh,Dozzy. Apparently, he’s claiming Olivier took him by surprise and took the first swing.


    • According to the reports I read Gabby took the first swing, but the restraining order was only rationalized in the light of how bad a beating he’d taken. Conflicting accounts is to be expected in something of this nature though…


  3. how she go do Hally berry the lady so hot men try to kill each other for make them they deceive themselves say na because of the child “WE KNOW ALL THOSE THINGS. LOL”


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