Barack Obama Calls For Aid And Donation For Hurricane Sandy Victims

President Obama taking briefing on Hurricane Sandy in the White House

President Obama taking briefing on Hurricane Sandy in the White House

Flooded Subway in NYC

Flooded Subway in NYC

Midtown Tunnel Flooded

Midtown Tunnel Flooded

In a note released by President Obama through his top aide he’s asked American’s to come to the aid of Hurricane Sandy victims:

Our thoughts and prayers this morning are with the families affected by the storm.
It can be gut-wrenching to see the reports of what’s happening and feel like you can’t do anything to help.
But it’s important to remember that you really can: Relief organizations like the American Red Cross are on the ground right now in the communities affected by the storm, and making a financial contribution to those efforts is the most effective way to help those in need.
So, if you’d like to help, please give to the American Red Cross right now:
Click HERE To Donate
Soon enough we’ll need to get back to work on the most important campaign of our lifetime.
But the most important thing at this moment is that you and your loved ones are staying safe, and that the rest of us do what we can to help speed the recovery.

The flooded subways & PATH in New York will likely stay shut down throughout the week, according to ABC’s live updates, but the major bridges and tunnels of New York have been re-opened this morning by Governor Cuomo.  Bus service in NYC starts back tomorrow in full, according to MTA.
The Manhattan, Williamsburg, GWB, Verrazano & Brooklyn Bridges are now open to traffic.  So is the Lincoln Tunnel.  Water has been pumped from flooded areas of Brooklyn throughout the night.  However, the tunnels on the East side, Holland Tunnel downtown and Midtown Tunnel are still flooded and closed, as well as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. 
Many people’s homes and streets in the northeast are wrecked with trees and power lines and water, but other roadways in and out of the cities–which is a major accomplishment–are now opening. 
Unfortunately, the entire lower half of Manhattan is still without power since around 7pm on monday night after it was voluntarily shut off by ConEdison.  So is much of New Jersey.  According to first hand reports, much of DC still has its power.  According to news reports, there is to be another 2-3 days of no power in lower Manhattan.
Our hearts go out to all the victims of Sandy. Y’all in the affected areas better stay stafe!

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