Meet Suni: Possibly The World’s Smallest Dog

Suni and owner Anna Pohl

Suni and owner Anna Pohl

Suni, a 3-month-old terrier from Jarocin, Poland, weights in at a 3.25 ounces –which is really minute –reports ABC News.
At birth, the tiny puppy weighed just 1.58 ounces, and it was questionable whether she would survive at all.
The dog’s owner Anna Pohl said that when the dog’s mother Pusia had started giving birth to her litter she’d first mistaken Suni for a placenta and was about to throw it away when it started moving.
Other contenders for the Guinness World Title For Smallest Dog are Beyonce, the tiny pup who fit in a tablespoon at birth and, who, at 2-weeks-old was just the size of an iPhone and Milly, the pint-sized Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, who had to be fed with an eyedropper when she was born. At 3 months of age, Milly stood just 3 inches tall.
The dogs would have to be up to one year of age to contend for the title though.
Amazing, ain’t?
More pics of Suni after the cut:

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