LMFAO “Taking A Break”

Looks like Redfoo and SkyBlu — aka LMFAO — will be taking a break from the group for some time.
Redfoo announced to News.Com.Au on Friday that he and his bandmate are calling it quits — at least for now.

    “I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years. “And we’re kind of like saying, Well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of forcing it all the time.”

According to Redfoo (real name: Stefan Gordy) he and nephew SkyBlu, 26, (born Skyler Gordy) feel like they’ve been headed in “different directions” musically as of late, and have decided to focus on their own projects, but “LMFAO has not broken up. My uncle and partner, Redfoo, and I have decided to take some time between albums to explore our own interests in music and other areas in entertainment,” said SkyBlu.
“Redfoo and I are Party Rockers for life. We love and respect one another and support each other in everything we do.”
Why are these lines so familiar… Oh, now I remember! Destiny’s Child…
Goodbye LMFAO. Except of course the solo projects are a disaster, and y’all pull a Nicole Scherzinger move. LOL.

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