Photo of The Day: Chairs Strung From Trees To Express Distate For President Obama

In a chilling allusion to America’s racist history: lynching and hanging of black men, and Clint Eastwood’s eerie “empty chair” speech, chairs have been strung from trees in parts of Virginia and Texas to express distaste with President Barack Obama.
And I say this is absolutely offensive. How someone would think they are better than others just because they have less skin pigmentation is just beyond me.


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  1. if they like let them hang it more and more even move it to the white house and hang it Obama 2012 period


  2. They are stupid


  3. Briggs Patrick Alexander September 22, 2012 — 8:52 pm

    If they are against him based on colour then they are as low as imps, dimwits, and idiots. Besides what’s the blow up for been white. Its not like there has been any high leveled advantage those with little or no pigments in their skin have over those whose pigments are still in place. The only thing I hold against barak is his policies (abortion, gay union etc). They go against my religious beliefs and for that I distaste him.


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