PHOTO STORY: This Man Sells Vullture Parts As Chicken Suya

This man was accosted somewhere in Onne, Port-Harcourt with a couple of dead vultures he would have magically transformed to chicken suya later on, for the consumption of unknowing patrons.
Now here’s the thing, what offence can anyone say this businessman committed? Passing-off a carrion-eater to look like poultry?
I heard the businessman’s excuse was that the price of chicken is now too high. Thanks to him we now have a close substitute.
And you that’s making that face and saying “ewww”, do you know how many times you’ve had vulture and put up “Chicken Suya Tinz” on your bbm or facebook status.

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  1. ℓσℓ …bt тƗƗιѕ ιѕ evil


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