Kanye To Spend $1 Million On Kim’s Birthday Bash

Well according to reports Kim K is feeling a bit under the weather about turning 32 in a few weeks time with no kids, a failed marriage, a more-than-thriving business, and the highest grossing sex tape in history behind her (Boo-hoo!) And boyfriend Kanye West in the bid to cheer her up (are you f**king kidding me?) is reportedly wasting –sorry lavishing $1 million on her birthday, to make it extra-special.
It’s Kim’s first birthday as a halve of Kimye (rolls eyes) and Kanye has arranged for them to travel to Pine Cay, a private island in the Turks and Caicos group of islands in the West Indies with a group of their friends.
I’m being a hater, and yes I’m completely jealous. A MILLION dollars…! And my bank statement looks like a deleted scene from Nightmare on Elm Street *sad face*
Oh well…

P.S: I purposely chose the photo on this post because Kanye looks like an oaf in it, and Kim looks like she’s about to have an abortion at a butcher’s shop.


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  1. Lmao.I love d “p.s” thingy


  2. ℓмfαo !!!


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