House of Reps Moves For 7M Naira Upward Review of Allowance

The House of Representatives has reportedly moved for the upward review of their quarterly allowance by N7m, just 24 hours after they resumed sitting.
The law makers currently rake in 27 million naira as their quarterly allowance, but are agitating for an additional 7m naira, which they insist is necessary.
I think is is a slap on the face of every Nigerian, suggesting such in light of the present economic situation and the level of hardship in the country.
What the hell do they do anyway, if not sit, dose off, and drool in air-conditioned space, or otherwise roll up the sleeves of their agbada and throw punches?
This is incensing beyond words!


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  1. Reblogged this on cknaija’s Blog and commented:
    Exactly my thoughts, you took the words not just from my mouth but deep within


  2. ТƗƗιѕ country NIGERIA ιѕ totally fucked !!!


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