Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Taken Down From Closer Website After She Sues, Paparazzo Possibly In Big Trouble

The French version of Closer magazine has taken down the topless photos of Kate Middleton from their website, publishing a statement alongside a very regular picture of the Duchess of Cambridge that reads:

    “Following comments received after the publication of photos of Kate and William in Closer magazine France, we would like to make the following clarifications: This is the French edition of Closer and not the English edition.
    “The photos we chose are by no means degrading. They show a young couple on vacation, beautiful, in love, living a normal life. The article reports that the couple recently vacationed in the south of France.”

Bauer Media, the
U.K.-based media company which licenses the Closer brand to the French publication, has also denounced the decision to run the pics .

    “We deplore the publication of these intrusive and offensive pictures.
    “We have absolutely no control over the editorial decisions of Closer France. In the light of their publication, we are now urgently discussing this matter with our licensee and reviewing the terms of our licence agreement with Closer France.”

Hmmm… Royal lawyers in action or conscience? Not even the devil knows the heart of man. Hehehehe! But we do know the heart of Middleton, and she’s suing the French Closer eight ways from Sunday, and it does seem like she has a case, and the paparazzo who took the intrusive photos might be in hot water, facing the possibility of jail term and a huge fine to the tune of €45,000 (almost $60,000.)
It has been submitted that Kate can file a criminal complaint against the paparazzo on the basis of article 9 of the French civil code and article 226-1 of the penal code which provides that people have the right to respect for their private lives and, as a picture of a person is considered an attribute of that person, photographic images fall under that protection.
The topless pics of the Duchess that were published by French magazine Closer were allegedly taken from half a mile away while Kate was sunning herself with husband Prince William at what they presumably thought was a private chateau in Provence.
And it sure looks like someone’s stirred a hornet’s nest.

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  1. Naaa golden boobby? Abegggii…


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