PHOTO’D: Female Robber Stripped Naked By Mob At Abuja

The pretty young lady in the picture reportedly robbed a woman simply identified as Obiageli yesterday at Area 11 in Abuja, alongside five other men who reportedly escaped.
The unfortunate lady didn’t get away in time and was accosted by an angry mob before she could get away in an ash Nissan car.
Recovered from the car and her hand bag were ATM cards belonging to different people, passports of different people and over 20 mobile phones.
The lady-robber was then stripped naked at the Area 11 Junction as photo’d above.
This is a really Neanderthal thing to do. Accost a thief, and the reasonable thing to do would be to hand them over to the police.
There is no justification for taking laws into your hands people.
On a different subject, I’m sorry for the silence out here the past couple of days. They were due to factors beyond my control i.e poor service by network service providers.
Glad to be back 🙂


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  1. eeeeeeeya hope she learns her lesson if u want to take up stealing as a profession just make sure u have the smarts to not get caught


  2. Serves the cow right. They would have put tire round her neck sef. The stealing and stories of robbers killing ppl is just too much. She shld have been used as scape goat! Nansense.


  3. Dike God bless u a thousand fold 4 being a very reasonable man.
    I google this story and checked different sites and blogs u are one of the few that respected this lady’s privacy.being this sensitive I pray God gives us the grace to have people reason right to issues before acting.
    Jungle Justice is never right under no circumstances.
    Why must men strip ladies naked over any theft case or any crime .This barbaric act has to case be4 it escalates to a major problem;when women will be framed up and striped by haters.
    Women are not respected in this chauvinistic part of the world,that is why they should be protected by law.
    When a sensitive government sees that a sex,race,ethnic…are prone to social ills there should be a law placed to protect them.
    Most men that are involved in this do this not because of justice(if they can define ‘justice’) but to take advantage of helpless victims.
    They are all cowards if they truly love justice why don’t they go strip, armed robbers or probably the insensitive leaders we have in power.
    People should put their strength in major issues affecting us as a nation.
    Things like this are caused due to Poverty,unemployment,lack of health care facilities and personnel,No housing…and all the ills associated with Third World countries.
    If u think is mandatory to fight this issues jungle style,then fight those that are the root cause of this problems.
    I advice we stay united and stop embarrassing our women because this is only going to add to the problems of are great nation.
    No one is above the law. Do not take the law into your own hands;Where there is a law there is a remedy.
    Remain patriotic!


  4. At least they didn’t burn. Nigerian are getting more civilized I tell u.


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