Nigeria Lifts Operation Suspension on Dana Air

Nigeria’s government has lifted the ban disallowing domestic airline Dana Air from flying, three months after a Dana MD-83 aircraft crashed into a residential neighborhood about five miles north of Murtala Muhammed International Airport while trying to land, causing the death of hundreds.
In a statement released by Nigeria’s Aviation Ministry today, the ministry said the decision “follows the government’s satisfaction with the air-worthiness of the airline.”
A preliminary investigation into the cause of the June 3 crash suggested that both of the plane’s engines failed while in flight.
And I’m wondering what about all the theatrics and moving tears by our number one citizen at the crash site…? Is this it? All’s done, forgiven, and forgotten? None held responsible?
What happened to cause and effect; action and reaction; crime and punishment?
“…satisfaction with the airworthiness of the airline.” Really…? After what can at best be described as genocide…?
Its Sosoliso all over again: initial gra-gra, and its all swept under the carpet.
I rest my case…

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