SCANDAL: Senator Representing Orlu Senatorial District, Hope Uzodinma, Forged Certificate…?

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aviation and Senator representing Orlu Senatorial District, Hope Uzodinma, has always asserted he has a Degree in Arts/Crimonology from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, in interviews, on his facebook page profile, and there have been relevant documents to prove it… Only those documents might not be authentic. has reported that investigations at the the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri has turned up evidence that the Senator’s claims are false, and that his name was nowhere to be found on his supposed alma-mater’s database, containing names and composites of all the University’s students, past and present.
The investigation came on the heels of allegations made by a group called Save Imo, that Uzodinma did not have the degree certificates he claimed to have obtained from Nigerian and foreign universities. 


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  1. The recent certificate forgery article circulating about Senator Hope Uzodinmma is false. The senator is not personally running any facebook page including this one as long as i know. Different people opened a facebook page for people in their names for different purposes. I PERSONALLY THINK THAT INFORMATION U SEE IN THE INTERNATE ESPECIALLY IN FACEBOOK ARE OPENED BY WHO KNOWS!! My question is why will any reasonable person will try to use that as a substantial resource?? because of the quality of the information resource that proves that the reseracher and the sponsor is an amatuer.

    No need to waste time and resources for these amatuers, are u serious with your investigarion at the Washighton University and your save Imo group blah blah blah??? am just LOL!!! We are not that stupid.


  2. Godwin ebubeagu Ekenulo August 10, 2012 — 12:21 am

    Senator hope uzodinma is not a graduate of any university in Nigeria or anywhere in the world..his claim to have an HND degree from FUTO owerri is a white lie as FUTO does not run HND/OND programs..he does not have any creticate from govt college etche,rivers state as well..


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