Hotter Than The Other: Kim K vs. Rihanna

This right here would make a good specimen for E‘s Fashion Police segment “B*tch Stole My Look”.
Kim K on the left was spotted wearing this awesome navy blue curve-advertising dress exactly one week after Rihanna was spotted in the dress in New York.
I like the way the dress celebrates Kim’s famous curves, and that she knocked it together with Christian Louboutin python heels, but I got to say I like the dress better on Riri. Kimmy looks a bit too maternal if you ask me.
What do y’all think…?


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  1. Briggs Patrick Alexander July 18, 2012 — 4:04 pm

    I think I L♥√ع it more on kim, can’t simply deny Τ̣̣ђё beauty O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ her curves. Anyways it looks cool on Rih, though


  2. Its very obvious that it looks beta on rihanna


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