Fashola Personally Arrests Two Soldiers For Driving On Lagos BRT Lane

There was a mild drama yesterday in Lagos State as the State Governor, Babatunde Fashola arrested a Military Col. Ki Yusuf and Staff Sergent AJ Adeomi for driving at the dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane.

According to “The Nation” They were accosted on the BRT lane at the Outer Marina in Central Lagos. Col. Yusuf was driving in an army green Peugeot 406 with registration number BO1 – 150 NA. Staff Sergeant Adeomi drove in a black Toyota Camry.

As Fashola moved towards the oncoming vehicle, Col. Yusuf came down from his car, saluted severally and kept muttering: “I am sorry; very, very sorry.”

The Governor said: “Why, as a senior military officer, would you choose to break the law instead of preserving it?”

A huge crowd of spectators gathered to watch the scene. Many praised Fashola for showing good leadership and expressed joy that the senior military officer got caught in the act. (Culled from Daily Post)

Hehehe! Some Governor-cum-LATSMA tinz… Wish I had software for photo shopping. Would have been laughable to see Fashola in LATSMA uniform. Lol.


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  1. Lmao!!! This is so cool, bt who knws wht wuld later hapen behind d scene , errm… Jst speaking o


  2. I gotta say that lagos marina isn’t my favorite place, but it’s home to some of my favourite people in the world — and they’re the reason I keep returning! Well, that and I’m now engaged to someone who lives just south of the Devons Torridge Marina, I lost weight last month lol I suppose it was all the walking around the surrounding area of Fashola Personally Arrests Two Soldiers For Driving On Lagos BRT … — which my body likes more than my usual morning work outs followed by sitting on my bum at work all day! Cameron – Jonathan@torridgemarina.co.uk


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