50 Cent Supports Frank Ocean, Gay Marriage In An Interview With MTV UK

“Anyone that has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot. I think Frank Ocean is a talented artist, I think he’s created material that made me know his name, that impressed me, with things he said on a song like ‘Novacane.’ I could care less about what his personal preference is in his bedroom.”

50 also acknowledged the high stakes involved when Frank Ocean made the announcement about his sexuality shortly before the digital release of his debut album Channel Orange:

“It could be revolutionary, or it could be a tragedy. The results of how popular it is now will say how cool or uncool it is to be [out] in the open… the more successful that project is now, it’s gonna leave people in a position where they can actually say ‘Look, I’m gay.'”

On the topic of same-sex marriage this is what the rapper said:

“Obama is for same sex marriage. When the President is saying that, who am I to go the other way? It’s cool.”


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  1. Wen jay z supported frank it was not a shock cus although he is a hip hop act he is really cultured and all that but hearing it from 50 is quite the shocker


  2. 50cent? Wow am shocked…hmmmmmm and yea its frank’s life, his being gay wouldn’t stop me from listening 2 his music, I don’t care if he is gay, just make good music, that’s my P’


  3. Briggs Patrick Alexander July 17, 2012 — 8:12 pm

    Modernization and innovations. a̷̷̴̐͠♏ still longing to here Ђδω a Nigerian father killed his son on Τ̣̣ђё basis O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ gay relaations. Take it or leave this form O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ sexuality Į̸̸̨§ totally absurd.


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