New Lagos State Traffic Law: Three-Year Jail-Term For Traffic Offenders

Lagos State House of Assembly has passed a bill for a law to repeal and re-enact the road traffic law.
The new amended traffic law, passed last Thursday, stipulates inter alia that one-way driving now attracts a 3-year jail term, while a first offender gets one year term and the vehicle forfeited to the state government. Bullion vans aren’t excluded from the ambit of this amended (insane) traffic law, which also stipulates abandoned vehicle on highway will be fined N50,000.00 or  three years imprisonment, or both fine and imprisonment.
You got to be f#€king kidding me! WTF? This is the stupidest law I’ve ever heard of my whole life. That’s what happens when we pump our lawmakers with more money than is rational for doing nothing, and then they try to overcompensate for their ineptitude. This is stupid, stupid, shitty stuff! Tell Governor Raji Fashola I said so.
Hope this shit doesn’t get signed into law.

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