There Is No Bomb-Blast In Bauchi NYSC Camp!!!

Reports that there was a bomb-blast at Bauchi NYSC camp killing about 56 corps members are totally false! Why do people fabricate these wicked rumours…?
Cry wolf so many times and we don’t get to know when a fox is in the hen-house.
People should please desist from concocting such stories and causing unease and anxiety.


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  1. Sani Isa Nasiru July 11, 2012 — 2:51 pm

    It is extremely sad and heart-breaking when people make up useless stories and spread them for God-knows-what reason. I’m in Bauchi at the moment and a friend of mine called me all the way from Lagos asking me whether the story is true or not. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to tell him because I hadn’t heard anything at that point in time.
    However, I am happy that it was a false alarm and at the same time, disappointed in the people who initiated this rumour.


  2. Please tell me how tru or false this is. Where are you? How did you know its a Rumour? Plz reply as soon as possibly.


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