Two-Headed Baby Born In India

A new-born male baby, born with two heads and two necks separately, with a single body, is under observation in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Sri Muktsar Sahib Punjab, India, where the condition of the child is stated to be critical. Doctors said that if the baby survives for 24 hours, then he can be referred to a bigger institution for further treatment.
According to one of the doctors, Dr Rajendra Bansal: “The baby born with two heads and necks is a full term male baby. He is active and healthy now. The weight of baby at the time of birth is 3.1 kg. At the time of birth, the baby was not crying which is mandatory. But after treatment, he cried. The baby was shifted to the nursery in my hospital where he is being kept on oxygen and fluid. He is surviving well.”
This is the first time such type of a baby is born alive in Muktsar.
Wonder what’s with all the birth-defects in India though…

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